2013/03 – Walkthrough

George Washington Bridge South Path starting from NJ-sideimage001Corner curb cut leading to South Path.  Metal edge slippery when wet.

image005Cluttered opening to NJ side.

image007Chicane.  No visibility of oncoming pedestrians or cyclists.

image009Chicane around tower.  No visibility.

image029Main span.  6.75′ between the cables.

image017No visibility.

image019Gate narrows to less than 4′ wide.

image021Hairpin turn leading to 178th Street.

image023Hairpin turn leading to 178th Street.

image025image027image029image031 Sidewalk to 178th Street.  

CAB178 - BusImmediately adjacent to high speed traffic exiting GWB.

End of South Path.  Start of North Path from NY-Sideimage001Stairs leading up from 179 Street to North Path.

Ramp under HH DriveStairs leading under Henry Hudson Drive ramp to North Path.

image009Chicane around tower.  No visibility.

image007View from inside chicane.

image035Largest section of the 171 steps that comprises the North Path.

image025Looking south on Hudson Terrace. See the middle cyclist?

End of North Path.  


image027Low railings.  Taller cyclists on upright bikes w/backpacks have centers of gravity above railings.  All subject to wind gusts.

Neile Weissman, 2013