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On the occasion of the UN Climate Action Summit, the PA must scale back its $30 billion commitment to upgrade regional airports.

AI4BOG3VDRAGBBWHF5ZXBUBHK4New York City Climate March, 9/20/19. Image New York Daily News.

Remarks to the Port Authority of NY&NJ, 9/26/19

Last Friday, on the occasion of the UN Climate Action Summit,1 tens of thousands marched down lower Manhattan to protest complacency on climate change.  Today, I will take stock of recent commentary and detail implications for the Agency.

No Fly

Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old activist, embodies a generational indictment and call to action.2  

Should her self-ban on air travel become widespread (“flygskam”), the implications for regional airports would be profound: a secular shift in personal and business travel patterns; mandatory carbon offsets added to ticket prices; and cancellation of flights with insufficient capacity.3 4 5    

A moral, as well as logistical, imperative

In the New Yorker, Jonathan Franzen argues that while climate change can no longer be reversed, efforts to mitigate it effects are not futile.  Rather, it is a moral as well as logistical imperative that we adapt to a moving target.6 7  

As concerns our airports, higher temperatures will raise fuel consumption, decrease payloads and require longer runways.  Sea level rise, storm surge and random weather patterns will increasingly disrupt operations.8 9 10  

Key Player 

Veteran climate activist William McKibben argues that a few key industry players can counter entrenched resistance.  If JP Morgan Chase stopped financing energy exploration, McKibben contends that smaller banks would follow and new activity would all but disappear.11

Transportation comprises NY-NJ’s largest category of CO2 emissions, which ideally positions the Agency to lead on mitigation and adaptation.12 13 14  It manages an extensive portfolio of assets with discretion to set use fees and is skilled at finessing the political actors, particularly under current leadership.    

The Agency has thus far achieved modest reductions by upgrading its own equipment and vehicles.  But it continues to enable its customers to pump out vast clouds of carbon at ever increasing rates by allocating the bulk of its capital spending to resource-emitting modes.16 17  

Screen_Shot_2019_01_07_at_12.54.08_PM.pngImage Rhodium US Climate Service. Data EIA and US Department of Transportation.

Should it choose, the Agency could coordinate regional strategies to accelerate compliance and reduce costs.  As a key member of the American Association of Port Authorities, it’s leadership would shape behavior across the hemisphere.18


The word “agency” defines an entity “established to organize transactions between parties.”19  It is also a literary term used to denote “a character’s ability to affect the narrative.”20  

For 100 years, the Port Authority has facilitated interstate travel, but it has also presided over a massive expansion of the region’s carbon footprint.  In keeping with the times, it must now exercise its agency to bend the trajectory of the impending environmental crisis.

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20190920_132607Image Carol Wood.


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Neile Weissman, 2019