2022/12 – MAP Forum

Remarks to MAP Forum, 12/2/2022

New York State Legislative Priorities, 2023 (full version)

Fund widening of the George Washington Bridge South Path into a modern bikeway ($60 million) as part of the Port Authority’s $1.9 billion program to “Restore the George”—either as part of the Executive Budget to grow tourism, or the Environmental Bond Act to enhance access to green space.

NORTHWALK Darren Bartels2

Manhattan entrance to GWB “NorthWalk”

Fund a bikeway along the Palisades Interstate Parkway ($3 million) to connect Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks either as part of the Executive Budget or the Environmental Bond Act.

Harriman to Bear MountainRidewithGPS

Pass legislation to amend NYS traffic code to allow cyclists to treat stop lights as stop signs and stop signs as yields (aka “Idaho Stop)

Update Highway Law §331 to require complete streets upgrades on all road resurfacing, maintenance and pavement recycling projects

Pass legislation and allocate funding to reduce municipalities’ matching cost to implement bicycle master plans

Collect a “sustainable travel surcharge” on flights in-out of NY Airports to fund active transportation projects and mass transit

New York City Council – Grayways (full version)

A proposal calling on the NYC Departments of Transportation and Parks & Recreation to designate 500 miles of recreational bikeways connecting city parks. Where current greenway proposals upgrade arterial roads with protected bikeways, “grayways” aggregate secondary roads requiring little mitigation.

Grayways 18RidewithGPS

North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority – Active Transportation Plan 

11/14/22 – Restore the Henry Hudson Drive to a State of Good Repair ($3.5million), Clarify Status of E-Bikes, Affirm Cyclists’ Status as Road Users

Strava, Palisades Interstate Parks Commission

9/12/22 – Anticipate Micro Mobility When Designing the Bike Grid, Consider E-Cargo Bikes as Alternative to Trucks, Subsidize E-Bike Purchase

MM, Streetsblog

StreetsBlog Field Guide to MicroMobility

7/11/22 – Fast-track a North Jersey Bicycle Master Plan, Expand Bikes Access Across Bridges on All Replacement and Restoration Projects, Support Passage of an “Idaho Stop” Law to Enhance Cyclist Safety at Intersections

3/14/22 – Attach Urban Institute’s “Final Mile” Report on Five U.S. Cities Who’ve Implemented Bicycle Master Plans

1/10/22 – Enhance Reporting on Crashes Involving Cyclists

NJSP PedalCyclist Fatalities, North Jersey

Cyclist Fatalities, North Jersey 2021, Source NJ State Police

7/27/21 – Permit Mountain Biking in South Mountain Reservation, Designate a Network of “Numbered” Bike Routes, Widen the Bikeways Across the George Washington Bridge

Neile Weissman, 2022