2021/01 – Extending Bike Access Across Arterial Bridges

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 4.09.33 PMMTA’s Marine Parkway Bridge.  Photo by John T. Chiarella

Question for Sen. Charles Schumer, Transit Coffee Hour, 1/25/2021

The MTA operates seven arterial bridges, none of which support cycling.1 2  3 4

The Port Authority is spending $2 billion to “Restore the George,” but won’t upgrade its 90 year old, 7 foot paths into modern bikeways.5 6

As a condition for accepting billions of dollars in federal aid, will you require the MTA and PA to abide USDOT guidance to significantly upgrade bike-ped capacity across new and reconstructed bridges?7 8


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HHudson Brdg looking northHenry Hudson Bridge path after two recent restorations.  Image Emilio Guerra.

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Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 12.04.16 PMThe PA’s plan to “Restore the George” allocates a single 7′ path for thousands of cyclists per day.  Rendering Amman & Whitney.